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Reader takes issue with Hammond Police Union President

Posted: Friday, August 21, 2020 | Views: 6823

Reader takes issue with Hammond Police Union President
This letter is written by non other that the president of the Police Union President.

Sgt D. Boudreaux, have you forgotten the allegations are supported by video evidence? Can you not understand that the voices you are trying to silence are those of the community? It was through the efforts of police officers under the Chief's command we've learned of his many illegal actions.

This is not an isolated incident. There is a fear of law enforcement in the city of Hammond akin to the likes of a black man living in Mobile, AL during the 1960's.

I myself have been threatened with death since this fight began. I've been warned not to protest in Hammond, La by my own father.

We must put aside personal relationships as well as business relationships when it comes to the safety of the city. I am elated you've decided to attend the public meeting. You will have a chance to look each victim in the face and tell them why their stories should not be heard.

I am very aware this meeting is just a farce. It is simply a tactic to calm raging waters. You cant ignore video evidence, official statements, and lying to federal investigators.

Jermaine Luckett
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