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Pat Morris weighs-in on Tangipahoa election

Posted: Sunday, August 9, 2020 | Views: 2364

Pat Morris weighs-in on Tangipahoa election

I am writing to encourage all voters in the Village of Tangipahoa to please go and vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. This election is extremely important for the Village of Tangipahoa, as selecting the best candidate to the position of Mayor, as this is critical to the positive direction and reputation needed for the Village of Tangipahoa.

Shelia Scott Martin is an educator in our Parish School System with an excellent reputation coming from parents, both Black and White, of students as being a part of their lives. She has nearly eight years of service as a Councilperson for the Village of Tangipahoa Village Council, and if given the opportunity to become its Mayor, “improving OUR Village Together” would be an additional attribute to see greatness happen here.

Shelia Scott Martin is a long-term resident and homeowner in the Village of Tangipahoa, which affords her the knowledge and understanding of this community and its needs. She is committed to ensuring the success of the Village of Tangipahoa through its challenges that are now facing the Village; and, Shelia Scott Martin has consistently demonstrated a professional, reasoned and intelligent approach to all issues and discussions.

Please help Shelia Scott Martin to fulfill the vision of the residents of the Village of Tangipahoa in its poise of attaining a number of compelling opportunities to improve the Village, all of which require a strong, approachable Mayor, who has the savvy to pursue the best direction for the Village’s residents and businesses alike. The Village of Tangipahoa can flourish, if given the opportunity to do so. Its richness of History is astounding and the History, if when made known, could become a fundamental asset that could cause more growth to happen here.

With God’s Blessings and YOUR Support, the Village of Tangipahoa will become an even better place to call home.

Again, please VOTE November 3, 2020 - #87 – Shelia Martin – MAYOR – VILLAGE OF TANGIPAHOA – "Improving OUR Village Together!”

Kindest Regards,
Patricia Morris, Former Resident
Village of Tangipahoa
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