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Trio tied to multiple vehicle burglaries in Denham

Posted: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 | Views: 2661

Trio tied to multiple vehicle burglaries in Denham

From the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office

Three Denham Springs men have been tied to multiple vehicle burglaries. The trio targeted neighborhoods in close proximity to where they were currently living.

Sheriff Jason Ard says, ‘Over several days in late October/early November, multiple vehicle burglaries were reported to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office. Victims reported money and/or firearms were stolen.’

Vehicle Burglaries occurred:
>Along Amite Church Rd.
>Along North River Rd.
>Along Magnolia Beach Rd.
>Maryland Subdivision
>Magnolia Farms Subdivision
>Acadiana Subdivision

Sheriff says, ‘On December 2, 2019, LPSO Burglary detectives executed a search warrant at the place three suspects were calling home – an apartment on Magnolia Beach Road in Denham Springs. Clothing seized from the apartment & other evidence directly connect the three to eighteen (18) vehicle burglaries. We appreciate our Livingston Parish residents for working with us & we thank you for your patience as these cases do take time to unravel.’

Currently in the Livingston Parish Detention Center:
Cain Soileau, 18
BOND: $330,000

Relocated to the Tensas Parish Detention Center:
Calvin Cockerham, 18 (Bond: $315,000)
Sean Sattler, 18 (Bond: $330,000)

Our investigation continues.

Our LPSO experts suggest the following safety measures for all Livingston Parish citizens:
>Lock your vehicles
>Remove all valuables (Or, place those valuables out of sight)
>If your home is equipped with motion lights, make sure they are in working order and pointed in the direction of your vehicles
>If you have surveillance video equipment, make sure it’s set to record movement and that it’s pointed in the direction of your vehicles
>Report any suspicious activity to LPSO at (225) 686-2241 x1

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