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Tangi receives FEMA grant for Hammond "safe room"

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2020 | Views: 3602

Tangi receives FEMA grant for Hammond "safe room"

HAMMOND—Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller announced today that FEMA will fund construction of an emergency “safe room” building to house essential workers during disaster conditions.

Miller said Tangipahoa has been awarded a $688K FEMA grant to build the 2,100+ square foot “safe room” on the parish’s West Pleasant Ridge Road campus in Hammond.

The shelter will meet FEMA construction standards to withstand strong hurricane force and tornado winds. In the event of a severe weather event, the facility would house up to 96 emergency responders and essential personnel who would be on-duty during the storm.

Holly and Smith Architects are completing the construction plans, and once approved by State Fire Marshal, the project will be put out for public bid. Miller said the goal is to have the new structure open and completed no later than the end of 2020 or early calendar year 2021.

“This is an essential project in our parish’s emergency response plan, and we are so grateful that FEMA has awarded this grant to help us meet this need in our community,” Miller said.

Below, watch Monday night's Parish Council meeting.

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