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Statewide: Nungesser, Landry, Schroder, Strain Donelon win

Posted: Saturday, October 12, 2019 | Views: 1664

Statewide: Nungesser, Landry, Schroder, Strain Donelon win

Statewide Races:
Ralph Abraham (R-Baton Rouge)--24 percent
Oscar “Omar” Dantzler (D-Hammond)—1 percent
John Bel Edwards (D-Baton Rouge)—47 percent
Gary Landrieu (I-Metairie)—1 percent
Patrick “Live Wire” Landry (R-New Orleans)—1 percent
Eddie” Rispone (R-Baton Rouge)—27 percent

Lt. Governor:
Willie Jones (D-New Orleans)—32 percent
William “Billy” Nungesser (R-Belle Chasse)—68 percent

Secretary of State:
Kyle Ardoin (R-Baton Rouge)—41 percent
“Gwen” Collins-Greenup (D-Clinton)—34 percent
Thomas J. Kennedy, III, (R-Metairie)—19 percent
Amanda “Jennings” Smith (R-Bastrop)—6 percent

Attorney General:
“Ike” Jackson, Jr., (D-Plaquemine)—34 percent
“Jeff” Landry (R-Broussard)—66 percent

Derrick Edwards (D-Harvey)—35 percent
Teresa Kenny (NP-New Orleans)—5 percent
John M. Schroder (R-Baton Rouge)—60 percent

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry:
Marguerite Green (D-New Orleans)—20 percent
“Charlie” Greer (D-Natchez)—8 percent
Michael G. “Mike” Strain (R-Covington)—57 percent
Peter Williams (D-Baton Rouge)—6 percent
Bradley Zaunbrecher (R-Egan)—8 percent

Commissioner of Insurance:
James J. “Jim” Donelon (R-Metairie)—53 percent
“Tim” Temple (R-Baton Rouge)—47 percent

Constitutional Amendments:
1. Tax Exemptions for Outer Continental Shelf failed 53-47 percent
2. Amend Education Excellence Fund—passed 50 percent +
3. Remedy for Unconstitutional Tax Paid—passed 58 percent
4. Allow New Orleans Property Tax Exemptions failed 63 percent.
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