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State reported 1,014 new COVID-19 cases today

Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2020 | Views: 1462

State reported 1,014 new COVID-19 cases today

From the Louisiana Department of Health

The Louisiana Department of Health reports 1,014 cases reported to the state since June 29, 2020. The total number of cases reported to the state is 58,095.

Since yesterday, 23,874 new tests have been reported to the state. The majority of these tests were collected between June 23 and June 30. That brings the total number of tests to 728,511.

90% of the cases reported to the state today were community spread.

There have been 22 deaths reported to the state today. The current total death count is 3,113.

Also, 781 patients in the hospital - increase of 44 patients, and 83 patients on ventilators - increase of 4 patients

For additional info check out our website and dashboard:

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