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Slidell woman gets life for murdering aunt

Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | Views: 3652

Slidell woman gets life for murdering aunt

From Slidell Police

Slidell Police Homicide Investigation Lands Woman in Prison for Life

In July of last year, Slidell Police arrested, 39-year-old, Kenya Despenza, for First Degree Homicide for the murder of her aunt, 65-year-old, Dianne Bercy. Last week, Despenza was found guilty of Second Degree Homicide, and was sentenced today to LIFE IN PRISON.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal says:
“Our investigators did an impeccable job with this case. A homicide investigation is long, tedious, and does not stop when the arrest is made. That is when the real work actually begins. Our investigators spent several months preparing this case for trial...making sure they dotted every I and crossed every T. When trial began last week, it was all hands on deck again while the defense tried to tear apart the work of our investigators; however, they built an ironclad case. There was never any doubt. Guilty. Life in prison. We are proud of everyone who diligently worked on this case. We are happy to have brought closure to the victim’s family. Hopefully, this verdict will grant them peace and the ability to move forward with their lives.”

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