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Saturday is Election Day; all precincts open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

Posted: Friday, October 11, 2019 | Views: 2587

Saturday is Election Day; all precincts open 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

The polls open at 7 a.m. across Louisiana where Saturday is Election Day.

All precincts across the state are open until 8 p.m.

Saturday's ballot is one of the longest in recent memory. In addition to statewide elected offices, there are also candidates for parish wide office, council elections, municipal contests, and four Constitutional Amendments.

The following is the complete list of candidates who have qualified for the Oct. 12 primary ballot in Tangipahoa, Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, and Washington Parishes:

Statewide Races:
Governor: Ralph Abraham (R-Baton Rouge); Oscar “Omar” Dantzler (D-Hammond); John Bel Edwards (D-Baton Rouge); Gary Landrieu (I-Metairie); Patrick “Live Wire” Landry (R-New Orleans); “ Eddie” Rispone (R-Baton Rouge);

Lt. Governor: Willie Jones (D-New Orleans); William “Billy” Nungesser (R-Belle Chasse); Rao M. Uppo (D-Prairieville);

Secretary of State: Kyle Ardoin (R-Baton Rouge); “Gwen” Collins-Greenup (D-Clinton); Thomas J. Kennedy, III, (R-Metairie); Amanda “Jennings” Smith (R-Bastrop);

Attorney General: “Ike” Jackson, Jr., (D-Plaquemine); “Jeff” Landry (R-Broussard);

Treasurer: Derrick Edwards (D-Harvey); Teresa Kenny (NP-New Orleans); John M. Schroder (R-Baton Rouge);

Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry: Marguerite Green (D-New Orleans); “Charlie” Greer (D-Natchez); Michael G. “Mike” Strain (R-Covington); Peter Williams (D-Baton Rouge); Bradley Zaunbrecher (R-Egan);

Commissioner of Insurance: James J. “Jim” Donelon (R-Metairie); “Tim” Temple (R-Baton Rouge);

Regional Contests:
Associate Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court, District 1: “Will” Crain (R-Madisonville); Richard Ducote (R-Covington); Hans Liljeberg (R-Metairie); Scott Schlegel (R-Metairie);

BESE District 1: Marion Bonura (I-Metairie); Denise Carpenter (R-Metairie); James “Jim” Garvey (R-Metairie); Lee Price-Barrios (R-Abita Springs);

BESE District 6: Ciara Hart (D-Baton Rouge); “Ronnie” Morris (R-Baton Rouge); Gregory Spiers (R-Springfield); Vickie Tolliver Auguste (I-Prairieville);

BESE District 8: Preston Castille (D-Baton Rouge); Vereta Tanner Lee (D-Baton Rouge); Jonathan Loveall (D-Clinton); Chakesha Webb Scott (D-Zachary);

Senate District 6: Rufus H. Craig (L-Baton Rouge); Mack “Bodi” White (R-Baton Rouge);

Senate District 11: Daniel Ducote (R-Madisonville); Reid Falconer (R-Madisonville); Patrick McMath (R-Covington);

Senate District 12: Darrell Fairburn (D-Kentwood); Beth Mizell (R-Franklinton);

Senate District 13: Edith Carlin (R-Denham Springs); Deven W. Cavalier (R-Denham Springs); J. Rogers Pope (R-Denham Springs);

State Rep. District 71: Lori Callais (D-Denham Springs); Jonathan Davis (R-Walker); Ivy Graham (R-Denham Springs); “Buddy” Mincey, Jr., (R-Denham Springs); Robert Poole (R-Denham Springs);

State Rep. District 72: Marylee Bellau (NP-Kentwood); “Robby” Carter (D-Greensburg);

State Rep. District 73: Michael Chatellier (R-Ponchatoula); William “Bill” Wheat, Jr., (R-Ponchatoula);

State Rep. District 74: “Larry” Frieman (R-Covington); Cindy Renee Winch (D-Covington);

State Rep. District 75: Phillipp Bedwell (R-Bogalusa); Malinda Brumfield White (D-Bogalusa);

State Rep. District 76: S. Michele Blanchard (R-Slidell); Robert “Bob” Owen (R-Slidell);

State Rep. District 77: Beverly Johnson (D-Covington); Mark Wright (R-Covington);

State Rep. District 89: David Ellis (R-Mandeville); “Vince” Liuzza (R-Mandeville); Richard Nelson (R-Mandeville); “Pat” Phillips (R-Mandeville); Erin Feys Powell (D-Mandeville);

State Rep. District 90: Heide Alejandro-Smith (L-Pear River); Mary DuBuisson (R-Slidell); John Raymond (R-Slidell);

State Rep. District 95: Sherman Mack (R-Albany); Robin Parrott (D-Walker);

District Judge, 21st JDC, Division D: Brian Abels (R-Denham Springs); “Ernie” Drake (R-Springfield); William Scott Dykes (R-Hammond);

District Judge, 22nd JDC, Division F: Harold Bartholomew, Jr. (R-Mandeville); John Keller (R-Madisonville); Julie Miramon Knight (R-Covington); Karen S. Kovach (D-New Orleans); Vincent J. “Vinny” Lobello (R-Slidell); Laurie M. Pennison (R-Mandeville); Kevin S. Vogeltanz (NP-Mandeville);

Parish Elections:
Sheriff: Cameron P. Crockett (R-Tickfaw); Daniel H. Edwards (D-Independence); Arden Wells (R-Ponchatoula);

Parish Council District 1: Trenton Craig “Trent” Forrest (D-Kentwood); Sheilah Varnado Stewart (R-Amite);

Parish Council District 2: James D. Bailey (R-Husser); John Gary Ingraffia (R-Husser); “Don” Marshall (R-Ponchatoula); “Greg” Varnado (R-Amite);

Parish Council District 3: Louis “Nick” Joseph (D-Independence); Eve Wilson (D-Amite);

Parish Council District 4: Carlo S. Bruno (R-Independence); Phillip David Ridder, Jr. (R-Tickfaw);

Parish Council District 8: “Ben” Husser (NP-Hammond); David P. Vial (R-Hammond);

Parish Council District 9: Glenn Dale Bridges (R-Ponchatoula); Brigette Delatte Hyde (R-Ponchatoula); Kyle Mitchell (R-Ponchatoula); “Joey” Richard (R-Ponchatoula);

Parish Council District 10: Kimberly Landry Coates (R-Ponchatoula); “Bobby” Cortez (R-Hammond);

Ponchatoula Mayor: Guy Huffine (R); “Steve” Pugh (R); Bub Tucker II (NP); Robert F. “Bob” Zabbia (D);

Ponchatoula Police Chief: Bry Layrisson (R); Jesse Wilson (I);

Ponchatoula Council District A: Melissa Gueldner (R); Braville J. LeBlanc (R);

Ponchatoula Council District B: Roslind McKay Batiste (D); Veronica Palmer (D);

Ponchatoula Council District C: “Jeff” Daniels (R); Thomas J. Kuhn (R);

Ponchatoula Council District D: Melvin “Mussyboy” Austin (NP); Morris Mashon (R); Melvin Toomer (D);

Independence Mayor: Angelo Mannino (D); Jim P. Paine (R);

Independence Police Chief: Frank M. Edwards, III (D);

Independence Alderman (5 to be elected): Calvin Batiste (D); Larry Cardaronella (D); Ogdon Carter (D); Eric Costa (R); Jimmy W. Gregory II (NP); Paul J. Liuzza, Sr. (R); “Mike” Muscarello (D); Luciano “Luke” Suarez, IV, (R);

Assessor: Brandon Browning (R-Denham Springs); Jeffrey “Jeff” Taylor (R-Denham Springs);

Parish Council District 1: “Jeff” Ard (R-Walker); Julius Craig (R-Walker);

Parish Council District 2: Kyle “Hoot” Parker (R-Watson); “Garry Frog” Talbert (R-Denham Springs);

Parish Council District 3: Maurice “Scooter” Keen (R-Denham Springs); Brian Ross (R-Denham Springs); Shannon Sloan (L-Denham Springs);

Parish Council District 5: R.C. “Bubba” Harris (R-Denham Springs);

Parish Council District 6: Derek Babcock (R-Denham Springs); Muriel Laws (D-Denham Springs); “Steve” McDaniel (R-Denham Springs); Gerald McMorris (R-Livingston);

Parish Council District 8: “Randy” Delatte (R-Maurepas); Barry Hardy (R-Livingston);

Constable/JP Ward 8: Gerald Butch Mack (R-Holden); Leesha Robert (R-Holden); Troy Wagner (D-Holden);

Town of Livingston Alderman: James “Jimmy” Nesom (I); Robert Stewart (R);

St. Helena Parish:
Sheriff: Frank Ricard, Sr. (D-Amite); Nathaniel Williams, Sr. (D-Amite);

Clerk of Court: Mildred Travis Cyprian (D-Greensburg); “Tommy” Lindsey (D-Amite);

Assessor: Wesley Blades (D-Kentwood); E. Scott Galmon (D-Greensburg);

Police Juror District 1: Billy Bennett (D); Georgia Butler (D); Lionell Topps (D); Jule Charles Wascom (D);

Police Juror District 3: Paxton Gordon (D); Willie J. Morgan (D); Sam Topps (D); Eric Washington (D);

Police Juror District 4: Frank E. Johnson (D); Warren Mccray, Jr., (D);

Police Juror District 5: Ryan Byrd (D); Major Coleman (D); Jeffery Jackson (D);

St. Tammany Parish:
Sheriff: “Tim” Lentz (R-Covington); “Randy” Smith (R-Slidell); “Nick” Tranchina (R-Covington);

Parish President: Patricia “Pat” Brister (R-Covington); Karen Champagne (R-Mandeville); Michael “Mike” Cooper (R-Covington);

Parish Council District 2: “Dave” Fitzgerald (R); Glenn Schurr (R);

Parish Council District 3: Martha Cazaubon (R); Jerry Coner (NP); Arthur “A.J.” Davis (R); John J. Martin (R);

Parish Council District 5: Terri Lewis Stevens (I); Rykert O. Toledano, Jr. (R);

Parish Council District 6: Eric Lowe (R); Richard Tanner (R);

Parish Council District 7: “Jimmie” Davis, III (R); Carlo Hernandez (I); Gerrin Narcisse (NP);

Parish Council District 9: Jacqueline Carr (D); “Chuck” Lamarche (R); “Jeff” Pittman (R); Peggy H. Seeley (R); Michael “Mike” Smith (R); Floyd Trascher (R);

Parish Council District 11: James Lyle (R); “Steve” Stefancik (R);

Parish Council District 12: “Jerry” Binder (R); Belinda Parker-Brown (D); Dennis M. Peyroux (R);

Slidell City Court Judge: Dandrea McMooain Chatman (R); Bryan Haggerty (R); Tracey Turgeau Powell (R);

Washington Parish:
Sheriff: Randy “Country” Seal (D-Angie); Olander “Smitty” Smith (D-Franklinton); Demille Topps (D-Franklinton);

Coroner: Rogelio A. “Roger” Casama (D-Bogalusa); John “Trey” Tucker (D-Bogalusa);

Parish President: Ryan Seal (R-Bogalusa); Richard Ned Thomas (D-Franklinton);

Parish Council District 1: “Joe” Culpepper (R); Melvin Keith (D); “Perry” Talley (D);

Parish Council District 2: Kendall L. Amacker (R); Shawn Rice (R);

Parish Council District 3: “Kim” Wagner (R); Christopher Workman (R);

Parish Council District 4: Clark Harry (D); Gloria W. Kates (D); Levi Lewis, Sr. (D);

Parish Council District 5: Thomas R. “Rusty” Fornea (R);

Parish Council District 6: Reginald McMasters (D); Shane Smith (I);

Parish Council District 7: David Anthony (NP); Carley King (R);

PAR, a non-partisan group, offers the following guide to the four statewide Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment 1 Offshore Goods Property Tax Exemption
*A VOTE FOR WOULD Create a property tax exemption for certain goods destined for the Outer Continental Shelf.
*A VOTE AGAINST WOULD Continue such taxation unless ruled unconstitutional under the U.S. commerce clause.

Amendment 2 Adds Schools to the Education Excellence Fund
*A VOTE FOR WOULD Allow the Education Excellence Fund to finance three more schools and public TV
*A VOTE AGAINST WOULD Keep the Fund’s money limited to the current recipients

Amendment 3 Board of Tax Appeals Jurisdiction
*A VOTE FOR WOULD Allow the Board of Tax Appeals to rule on constitutional questions.
*A VOTE AGAINST WOULD Continue to assign constitutional questions in tax disputes only to the courts.

Amendment 4 New Orleans Tax Exemption for Affordable Housing
*A VOTE FOR WOULD Give New Orleans the ability to create a residential property tax exemption for affordable housing developments.
*A VOTE AGAINST WOULD Keep the current property tax structure in New Orleans.

To learn more about Saturday's ballot, go to

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