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PPD warns public about asphalt company scam

Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2019 | Views: 6992

PPD warns public about asphalt company scam

From Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson:

The Ponchatoula Police Department recently received a complaint of a scam involving a man that approaches homeowners and offers to pave their driveway with “leftover” asphalt for a discounted price. He then charges a substantially higher amount once the job has been completed. This man goes by the name of Johnny Young and his current business name is E & J Road Works.

He has also operated under several different business names: JRY Construction, Johnny Asphalt, Johnny Young Asphalt and Construction, Young & Cooper Asphalt, E & J Blacktop, and E & J’s Driveway Repair. He could also go by the name of Evert Young.

There are complaints of this man doing the same scam in many different cities in Louisiana, as well as in Ohio. He has also been reported to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB urges citizens to be aware of anyone that knocks on your door claiming to have “leftover” asphalt or other materials, someone that offers a cash-only, one-time deal, and vehicles with out of state license plates.
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