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Papa’s Farmacia opens on Walker South; benchmark of recovery

Posted: Friday, October 4, 2019 | Views: 2261

Papa’s Farmacia opens on Walker South; benchmark of recovery


Pictured from left to right front: Murial Laws, Amy Kennedy, Elizabeth Young. Lacy Berthelot, Bret Sprague, Stephanie Sprague, Rita Cable, April Wehrs, Jeannie Causey, Deven Cavalier and Kathy Maust
Left to right back: Brian Ables, Steve Bernard, Jim Brown, Fr. Mike Schatzle and Tessa Perry

Papa’s Farmacia Opens on Walker South Road, Team Returning After Flood

(Denham Springs, La.) - Stephanie Sprague promised her pharmaceutical team from Winn-Dixie “I don’t know where it will be or when, but we will work together again.” The team was let go in 2017 following damages in the 2016 flood. Now, Sprague’s promise has been fulfilled at her own pharmacy, Papa’s Farmacia via Luzianna, LLC, on Walker South Road.

In addition to full pharmaceutical services, Sprague is certified to administer RxGenomix tests. “Each body is unique and metabolizes uniquely,” explained Sprague. “Some medication could be ineffective or even kill you because of your unique make-up.” Sprague explained that RxGenomix tests, conducted through a cheek swab, provide doctors with the DNA information they need to predict how each patient will react to medication before it is administered. “We’re pioneering this test,” said Sprague, “but very soon insurance companies are going to be requiring it.”

Papa’s Farmacia includes a gift shop with products for which profits are donated to charities, a drive-through pharmacy window and a children’s waiting area. Papa’s is also equipped to fill prescriptions for pets.


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