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North Cypress Fitness gives back to CSP

Posted: Monday, June 15, 2020 | Views: 1154

North Cypress Fitness gives back to CSP

PHOTO: North Cypress Fitness partner Dion Grossnickle and Chappapeela Sports Park Director Ryan Barker

HAMMOND---During our shutdown, North Cypress Fitness partners Richard Henry and Dion Grossnickle had the opportunity to re-structure their yearly commitments when it comes to sponsorships and ways they can give back to our community.

"We are happy to announce that our commitment for 'Giving Back' to our community has been placed at the top of our yearly priorities," the partners said.

As a result, North Cypress Fitness is proud to announce that they will be sponsoring Youth Sports at Chappapeela Park.
"We believe that youth sports is one of the key factors of growing our Parish and giving our young ones a tool to build character, learn lifelong skills, create friendships, and the most important part of all……'Have fun!'

"Along with building our young ones, we also understand the importance of our Youth Sport's programs when it comes to the Economic Impact for our community. We are blessed to have so many incredible sporting facilities in our Parish that are doing their part in helping our community become one of the BEST Parishes in the State. Thank you to all that are involved in our Parks and Recreation Departments. From those that are taking care of the fields to the coaches that are donating their time to grow our young ones into our future leaders."

North Cypress Fitness will be committing a minimum of $5000 per year to Chappapeela Sports Park. "

We hope that our commitment will inspire other local businesses to contact Chappapeela Sports Park and offer a sponsorship or donation."
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