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Sunday, January 17, 2021
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MPD reports decrease in murders, violent crime in 2020
Ken Benitez
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MPD reports decrease in murders, violent crime in 2020

Press Release from Mandeville Police Chief Gerald Sticker:

The Mandeville Police Department is releasing its UCR numbers for 2020. The statistics are compiled from seven categories which make up the national Uniform Crime Report that is reported to the FBI annually. Those seven categories are Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Theft, and Auto Theft.

The city of Mandeville experienced decreases from the previous calendar year in three of the seven categories. After reporting 2 homicides for 2019, we are reporting zero for 2020. The biggest drop was in the theft category, with 75 less reports than the previous year. Retail thefts (shoplifting) generally make up the biggest percentage of the theft category (thank you, COVID-19, & curbside pick-up.)

Murders There were 0 murders in Mandeville for 2020 (2 in 2019.) -100%
Rape MPD investigated 2 rapes in 2020 (2 in 2019.) 0% change
Robbery numbers were down, to 2 for 2020 (3 in 2019.) -33.30%
Assaults increased by 15 with 95 reported in 2020 (80 reported in 2019.) +18.80%
Burglary reports totaled 29 for 2020 (23 reported in 2019) +26.10%
Theft was down significantly with 125 cases in 2020 (200 in 2019) -37.50%
Auto thefts were up by 2 with a total of 8 for 2020 (6 in 2019) +33.30%

The City of Mandeville continues to be a very safe place to live, work, and raise our families. The men and women of the Mandeville Police Department work hard and enjoy the wholehearted support of Mayor Clay Madden, our City Council, and most importantly, our citizens and business community. It is because of these relationships that we continue to thrive and enjoy such a unique quality of life. We are truly blessed to serve such an awesome city.
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