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LSP Addresses Fabricated Social Media Post

Posted: Monday, June 8, 2020 | Views: 3336

LSP Addresses Fabricated Social Media Post

From Louisiana State Police

Last week, Louisiana State Police began receiving numerous messages in reference to a derogatory social media post by an individual representing himself as a relative of current state troopers. While the post did not directly mention Louisiana, other social media users falsely linked the post to Troopers with the Louisiana State Police.

Upon receiving this information, Louisiana State Police immediately notified investigators. Shortly thereafter, investigators determined that the post was made by a subject utilizing an alias user name. The subject making the post does not reside in Louisiana and is not related to anyone employed with the Louisiana State Police.

Please do not share unconfirmed posts or information that is not issued by a credible source. The spread of false or unconfirmed posts often leads to additional misinformation and causes unnecessary concerns in the community. The intentional posting of known false information or threats could lead to criminal or civil consequences.

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