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7th Ward Marshal celebrates lifesavers this Easter

Posted: Saturday, April 11, 2020 | Views: 2083

7th Ward Marshal celebrates lifesavers this Easter

Lallie Kemp Charity Hospital’s Chief Financial Officer Chad Thompson accepts Lifesavers on behalf of the staff from Seventh Ward Marshal Pat Farris, Deputy Jerry McDowell and Deputy Gary Baham.

In a show of support for the area’s frontline health care professional, Seventh Ward Marshal Pat Farris and several of his deputies brought Lifesaver treats to North Oaks Medical Center, Lallie Kemp Charity Hospital and Acadian Ambulance.

“We live in a community with many Lifesavers. Today, my deputies and I delivered Lifesaver treats to our frontline medical professionals,” said Marshal Farris. “This is just a small gesture to show our tremendous appreciation for their tireless dedication and commitment.”

Farris joined many other organizations in our community who have donated meals and snacks to show their support.

“Once again, the people of Tangipahoa Parish rise to the occasion when there is a crisis.”

Farris also points out that each of these medical professionals leave their families to come and care of the sickest in our community. The families at home are also stressed and concerned for their loved ones fighting the COVID-19 virus.

“If you have a family member in the medical profession, I want to recognize and thank you for sharing them with us and the sacrifice you are making. Together we will get through this and come out a stronger community.”

Additional Photos:

Seventh Ward Marshal Pat Farris with Deputies Beverly Booker and Stoney O’Neill at North Oaks Medical Center

Deputies Jerry McDowell and Pastor Donald Bell join Seventh Ward Marshal Pat Farris delivering treats to the EMT’s at Acadian Ambulance.
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