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Franklinton woman arrested for domestic abuse

Posted: Monday, May 11, 2020 | Views: 6018

Franklinton woman arrested for domestic abuse

From the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office

Noconiea Higginbotham, 31, a resident of Chapel Hill Road west of Franklinton, was arrested by Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy Norman Taylor on May 8 and placed in the Washington Parish Jail on charges of domestic abuse, aggravated battery and disturbing the peace. She was able to meet the conditions of a $10,000 bond and gain her release from jail the same day.

The arrest was the result of Higginbotham striking a family member on the head with a piece of lumber and threatening to strike him again with a metal shovel. The victim was treated on-site by Northshore EMS.

“Domestic violence calls are always potentially dangerous for deputies,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “Too often the aggressor vents hostility on responding officers. Thankfully, this did not occur during this situation. I am grateful to Deputy Taylor for handling this potentially explosive situation in such a professional manner.”

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