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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Darcey Garrett announces for Roseland Chief of Police

Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 | Views: 1206

Darcey Garrett  announces for  Roseland Chief of Police

Darcey Garrett - Candidate Roseland 2020 Chief of Police
Formal announcement

Very prevalent questions come to mind at this time, which is, what characteristics are the Citizens of Roseland looking for in the elected position of the job of Chief of Police being able to hold in their municipality, in order to make an acceptable police chief?  
Truly, honesty, ingrained with integrity and humility are the most common characteristics looked for by the community of citizens in a leader becoming and holding such an office, as well as one who maintain ways of keeping harmony and peace for the lives of the community he/she is sworn to serve and protect, and in admitting his/her own mistakes and working to resolve them.
A profound police chief will possess attributes his police officers will see, as their chief keeps alive in his/her leadership; thus, keeping the police department strong in difficult times.  In today's police society, having such cooperation is important, because today's environment operation is unlike any other time in history, therefore, the department must work together for the betterment of the community it serves
I believe a police chief should be someone with experience, who has been there, done that, and seen it all and knows what an officer goes through on a daily basis, and not regarded by the community of citizens who feel the "chief sits behind the desk all day," but is also in the field as boots on the ground, as well as understanding what his/her officers are going through on the front lines.
The Citizens of Roseland, as well as surrounding communities should be supportive collectively, and especially when the department is particularly under a magnifying glass.  In such instances, the police department must have trust for each other in/on their team, and goes beyond just trusting each other, but having citizens in the community and surrounding areas who trust us as well; thus giving the presence of showing the community is involved to bring the community together for the good of all who live in Roseland.
Citizens all know that a police chief is defined as an honest "person who respects the profession, the badge, and his/her oath of office."  Therefore, honesty is an important integral to have in this profession - the citizens to be served depend on it being so.
As a forward thinking and open-minded candidate for this position, I come fully knowing the world as we know it today continues to advance from a technological, political, and legal standpoint, thus, if elected, I will evolve with the environment, and not be a stagnant chief who is stuck in the past, continuing in old ways that leave our community behind and with stagnant growth that will hinder our community.  I pledge to relate to both younger and the new generation coming, in the middle ground, as will with our veteran seniors, seeking their guidance as well.
Citizens, as well as employees of a police chief want to see transparency seen and articulated in a police chief. I also realize inclusiveness in major departmental decisions is vitally important to the officers I will work together with -  while the chief may have the final authority, the officers do not want to be blindsided - I realize we are in this job together.
Clearly, I must articulate expectations, guidelines and parameters, because I understand fully those who fail at leadership, often surround themselves with sycophants, and conduct themselves in the shadows of wrongdoing.
As a chief of police, I must be able to inspire the people I lead, as well as the people I serve.  I must be able to bring out the best in the officer and in the Community of Roseland I serve in their abilities to achieve those things that will positively grow our community in a most positive manner.
Realizing where chiefs have gone beyond their day-to-day work schedules, and who connected with citizens inside their department, and outside of, are well-received by their constituents and community.  I will be out in the community communicating with business owners, citizens and schools, as well as visiting all our churches, asking for their prayers and spiritual support.
In today's difficult environment, it is realized we in the law enforcement arena need strong leadership more now than ever, and the ability to work positively, together.

As a sworn leader, I am reminded of familial training coming from my grandparents, great grand-parents, and through my parents.  I believe in, and serve God, tell the truth, and maintain excellent work ethic and integrity,  Coming from a background of Bishops, Pastors, Missionaries, Sunday School Teachers and other religious leaders, the attributes mentioned earlier are engraved upon the tables of my heart and mind  
I have lived in Roseland for the past forty-three years.  I am the only candidate living in the corporate limits of Roseland.  
I currently work as a police officer for the Village of Tangipahoa, under Chief Darrell Martin, and have worked as a police officer for the City of Roseland with the late Chief Donnie Hammons.  Additionally, I have worked for Rivers Security and Inner Parish Security as a security officer.
I am a certified State of Louisiana police officer, as well as a certified security guard officer.
I am committed to be a visible leader in the Roseland Community, and look forward to having much exponential growth positively come to its citizens here.  It is what our citizens aspire to have and to become.
Thank you for your vote - Number 92 on your Ballot - Darcey Garrett - Candidate - Roseland Chief of Police.

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