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Tylertown man charged with burglary

Posted: Monday, December 16, 2019 | Views: 2456

Tylertown man charged with burglary

Press Release from the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office:

Joseph Henry Erwin, 39, of Tylertown, Mississippi, was arrested on December 6 and placed in the Washington Parish Jail charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling and two counts of burglary of a vehicle. Erwin remains in jail with his bond set at $10,000.

When Washington Parish patrol Sergeant David Cupp and deputy Chad Cassard responded to a report of a burglary in progress on Ralph Drive near Bogalusa, they discovered Erwin being detained by a neighbor of the victim. The neighbor, who had been watching the property at the request of the property owner, observed Erwin and another male on the property. The neighbor confronted the burglars and was able to detain Erwin while the other burglar fled into the woods and was unable to be located.

The officers placed Erwin in handcuffs and then searched the property, discovering some stolen items in the adjacent woods. Erwin then was transported to the jail.

Erwin’s current stay is his fourth in the Washington Parish Jail, beginning in 2007 with a drug arrest. Subsequent arrests were for drug offenses, traffic offenses, multiple counts of resisting an officer, and criminal damage to property.

“No person should have to be the victim of burglars,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “Burglars, or as I prefer to call them, sneak thieves, are generally lazy ne’er-do-wells who are too lazy to work for an honest wage. They constantly prey on honest citizens. Mr. Erwin is exactly when he belongs, in jail, and I hope we are able to locate and jail his partner in crime.”

download the TPSO jail docket

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download the TPSO jail docket

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