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Covington-area road construction continues

Posted: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 | Views: 907

Covington-area road construction continues
From Koop Drive

Road construction on Brewster Rd. is currently underway. This project, which began July 1, is expected to be completed in 45-calendar days, barring any delays.

This project is a continuation of Brewster Rd. and will be from Summer Haven Ct. to Hwy. 1077. This is a reconstruct and consisting of milling the existing asphalt, mixing soil cement into the base material, and then finally repaving the asphalt.

Signage and detail officers are on site at both ends of the project when cutting the soil cement to let the travelers know there will either be long delays, or to go very slow to avoid getting the cement on the vehicles, and they can detour on Dummyline Rd.

In addition, the reconstruction of Iris Dr. in Flowers Estates is currently underway from Zinnia Dr. to N. Azalea Dr. This project is also expected to be completed in approximately 45 calendar days, barring any delays.

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