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Monday, July 13, 2020
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Layrisson opens Hammond law office

Posted: Sunday, May 17, 2020 | Views: 3438

Layrisson opens Hammond law office

As businesses throughout the community reopen, local attorney Parker Layrisson is expanding his law firm to include a new office in downtown Hammond.

“When Hammond residents get injured in car wrecks, they deserve to recover physically and financially,” said Layrisson. “You shouldn’t have to leave town to find a legal specialist who focuses 100% on auto accidents. So we’re expanding to meet the community’s needs.”

Layrisson is the author of Accident Handbook: The Practical Guide to Louisiana Personal Injury Law for Car Wreck Victims. His law firm employs four attorneys and six staff members who help people injured in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. While the law firm will continue to be headquartered in Ponchatoula, its Hammond office will include a full time injury attorney and staff support.

“Hammond native Meghan Notariano will run our new office. She’s an outstanding attorney who went to school just a few blocks away at Holy Ghost before graduating from Hammond High and Southeastern,” added Layrisson. “Southeastern graduate Stephanie Stafford will join Meghan in Hammond. The rest of us will rotate between offices on an as needed basis.”

The new office is located at the corner of Church Street and NW Railroad Avenue, across from the train depot and Grace Memorial Episcopal Church.

“We could not be more excited about this location,” said Layrisson. “We pride ourselves on providing clients with a casual, comfortable, and approachable experience, so this beautiful old house with a big front porch is just perfect.”
The office is also pandemic ready. It will promote safe communication with no-contact conferencing.

"For the safety of our clients and colleagues, right now most meetings are happening with a no-contact conference by phone or video," he said. "This means that you don't have to come into our office, even if we need your signature. You can move forward with your case from the safety of your home."

The drastic economic downturn and decline in auto accidents did not discourage Layrisson from expanding during such uncertain times. He seems aware of the risk yet upbeat about the future.

“Obviously, this is not the ideal time to grow a business. Some of my competitors are even letting employees go,” said Layrisson. “Like everyone else, we’re anxious about the future because it’s uncertain and frightening. But the people in Hammond need our services, so we’re stepping up to provide the community with more options. We’re eager to help and I expect success.”

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