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Jani-King Gulf Coast sets vision for 2018 at Summit

Posted: Tuesday, January 2, 2018 | Views: 4452

Jani-King Gulf Coast sets vision for 2018 at Summit
PONCHATOULA---Jani-King Gulf Coast recently gathered in Springfield, LA for its annual Summit Meeting to take a hard look at 2017 while charting out company goals and strategies for 2018. This year’s theme, which will extend through February's Franchise Convention and summer's Mid-Year Review, is One Team – One Vision. More than just a catchy slogan, we believe that Jani-King Gulf Coast is on the cusp of something explosive, but it's going to take everyone working together for a common purpose to get there. Gulf Coast COO, Chance Enmon, set the tone for the meeting each day, briefly describing new initiatives for 2018 with a call to harness last year's successes along with the new year's opportunities. "We have an incredible team that's the best at what they do. They are committed to seeing our Franchise Owners succeed and our region flourish," says Enmon, "This is the best time to be a part of Jani-King Gulf Coast, and I'm excited to be a part of it!"

The three day event gathered operations, sales, and leadership teams from all four states within the Gulf Coast. Following Chance Enmon’s opening, each morning began with a recap of the company's employee survey from Gulf Coast CFO, Angelique Richardson. Now part of the company’s strategy each year to review processes and employee satisfaction, the survey touched on several subjects like communication, leadership, culture, and even company events. Prior to the close of each day, attendees were provided with an introduction to Netchex (the company’s new HR platform), our new online Franchise Portal, infrastructure upgrades, and other information technology changes.

Day one of Summit focused on operations and the morning began with the year in review from Executive Director, Al Hebert. Following a new format, operations teams from the entire Gulf Coast were divided into groups for a series of breakout sessions led by Al Hebert and our operations management staff (Mike Laylle, Ross Champagne, and Dominick Solito). These sessions were designed to encourage more in-depth instruction and discussion on the following topics: Inspections (MOGO), Referrals, Tools of the Trade, and Franchise Coaching. That afternoon the operations teams were excited about the information technology changes; specifically the Franchise Portal, which will be launched at the Jani-King Gulf Coast Franchise Convention in February, 2018. “The Franchise Portal will give Franchise Owners yet another tool to best operate their individual businesses,” says Hebert. “The ability to self-inspect utilizing our customized inspection tool alone is a great asset, but the addition of having the ability to review documents, customer service notes, commonly used forms and training videos makes it a very, very powerful tool to utilize.”

Day two, led by Executive Vice President JJ O’Neil, brought together sales team members and managers within the Gulf Coast to look at new possibilities for success and growth. After a deep drive into each region’s market penetration and total opportunity, the meeting turned to goal setting and executing fundamentals. Next two breakout sessions, running concurrently, then provided a more intimate platform for attendees of all tenure to actively participate in roundtable discussions about the Jani-King Sales Process and using Oracle Sales Cloud; the Gulf Coast’s powerful new CRM. The afternoon served as an opportunity to review new updates in Oracle Sales Cloud including Outlook integration and a new mobile application, along with other sales nuggets such as how to better utilize their iPads in the field. JJ O’Neil felt the day had a positive impact on the sales teams: “I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings the Gulf Coast. I’m excited about the people in the room and think we are doing some amazing things for our teams, our franchisees, and our customers.” O’Neil also had thoughts on this year’s theme: “These events are great because we are able to provide an excellent platform for training and communicating company strategies; while also helping to form strong comraderies within the organization. That is something that is absolutely needed to foster our focus of One Team, One Vision.”

The event culminated on day three with the Executive Summit which brought together all Regional Directors and the Gulf Coast’s leadership team. The core objectives for the day were mostly positioned towards internal business operations, but every discussion and initiative was focused on how to best turn the One Team - One Vision theme into reality. Most of the morning session included a look into each region’s job market and a strong assessment of the company’s current recruiting and hiring practices; specifically for salespeople. Representatives from Netchex demonstrated their NetRecruiter platform which will be used by Jani-King Gulf Coast in 2018 to manage the recruiting and interviewing process. In addition to Netchex other contributors included representatives from CareerBuilder providing job market insights and hiring best practices, and SalesDrive, which is a sales assessment organization that helps companies assess, interview, and hire salespeople. Luke Betts with Bionic Monkey, Gulf Coast’s advertising agency, also rolled out new advertising initiatives for the coming year. Throughout the day several key members of the Ponchatoula office discussed 2017’s gains and missed opportunities while presenting goals and strategies for 2017: Mischappell Cordero-Evans discussed franchise sales; Tim San Fillippo presented on social media and digital marketing; Melissa Stanga and Angelique Richardson presented accounting and financial highlights; and Destin Sims recommended best legal practices within our industry. Lastly, each Regional Director presented their region’s business plan which included 2017’s highs and lows, while detailing the game plan to meet their goals for 2018.

With more than 20 speakers and contributors presenting to 50 attendees over the course of three days, Jani-King Gulf Coast’s 2018 Summit was certainly in-depth and proves that with a plan, commitment, and hard work we can reach our goals. The Gulf Coast Region is certainly riding high on a wave of momentum, excitement, and success. Now more than ever, it's time to take things to the next level by unleashing our potential! As One Team with One Vision, we will continue to deliver on the promise of a prosperous and successful tomorrow and strive for outcomes that make Jan-King Gulf Coast the best company to employ, invest in and work for. Are you ready to be the dominant force in the region? 2018 your chance. Jani-King is your opportunity. Let's get to work!
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